Do I pay off debt first…or save for retirement?



What if I could do both…at the same time!

 Let’s say you had a Retirement savings plan that would build a nice rate of return? 
And within that plan you could also use that money to pay down debt, including your mortgage, and pay it all off within 9 years..and do it in such a way that it’s as if the money never left while you were using it?

This is called a “banking” type strategy called SELF BANKING used by individuals, families and businesses for over the last 100 years.

It builds your savings while you can actually use it your entire life. Very easy to implement with no holes!   

Latest client example below:

He goes from 16 year payoff, down to 9 year payoff and 274k additional retirement dollars…not bad!



Rick Wagner (President/ Legacybuilders Financial)

A small business in Hastings, MN serving Individuals, Families, Businesses & Churches


And then one day it happened.
I heard about a seminar going on in the area called Self Banking. My first thoughts were…”Is it too good to be true? There’s got to be some holes in it, but…there was just something about it and I have to find out more…”
By the time the seminar was over, I realized what this could do for people. I knew this is what I was going to do for the rest of my life!

If I was seeing how powerfully this could be used personally, then I knew I could offer it to others.
I seriously studied on this concept and I realized that I had to become an expert in doing this. And to get the word out to help people create a legacy with their finances.
But, also to simplify the process for people to understand…in normal English!
So, I got certified through training and have never looked back. This was the real deal…and I knew it. No holes. No gimmicks. No quotas!
With history and 1000’s of testimonies to back it up!
For the first time in my business, I felt I was doing what I loved, something that was very fulfilling.
So, I teach what I know. I share my expertise about Self Banking and you know what the best part is?
The people I help, are getting so much more of a return, than what I am getting paid!


How it works…


It’s a “Self Banking” concept that does two things at the same time…save and pay down debt!
This is what every bank, on every corner, does to have money “work” better for them and… do more than one thing at a time.

The Self Banking concept starts with a story…

The story of Mark and Joyce. Mark and Joyce are not unique. In fact their situation is one that millions of Americans find themselves in every day.

They work hard and try to save as much as they can to get ahead, but they have leaks in their financial plan that most advisors are not concerned with.

Traditional planners have come to Mark and Joyce with solutions that only involve a higher rate of return or contributing more to their investments. This is simply something Mark and Joyce could not do at this stage of life and they are not interested in taking more risk.

This is where the unique approach of the Self Banking concept can help.

Rather than focusing on a higher rate of return and ever increasing contributions they did not have, the Self Banking Advisor looks for methods to help the client with core financial planning that they can control.

At Legacybuilders, we have a great story to tell that has helped Mark and Joyce, as well as thousands of people just like them. With the help and guidance of Rick Wagner (a Self Banking Advisor, Twin Cities,MN), Mark and Joyce are now confident about their financial future, and you can be too.

Case Study Example: 

A couple in Minnesota(mid 30’s), make 80k combined income, $100k in 401k. Now just refinanced last year and plan on paying off home in 28 years, but really no extra savings to show for it.

They have a few credit cards to pay off (under 10k combined), 2 cars (making payments), 2 kids, 1 turtle. They are basically an average couple with a decent amount of debt, and a regular income. 
Our suggested plan (having the same amount of money they’re spending now): Set up an account that only the client has access to, in which it starts to build and pay down debt. (The companies we work with have been around over 100 years and have made it through the great depression with flying colors.)

This account, would eventually pay down and pay off ALL their debts (including their mortgage), within 11 years.

They would have over $460,000 extra in this retirement account because it grows guaranteed with a good interest rate. It also compounds on itself, and they could access it tax-free. Not only that, but they would be able to make loans to themselves for big purchases like: cars, vacations, boats, college loans or whatever they want with that nest egg. And when they loan themselves money from their account…it’s as if the money never left and it keeps on earning interest while they are paying it back!

This process cuts out interest rates that you are paying to other companies and snowballs a GIANT retirement fund…with tax-free access!

The best part is that they can do this without paying a dime more than they are now, with no big fees, gimmicks or jumping through hoops. It’s no wonder why banks seem to know what they are doing and we can build something just the same way!

  It’s a “home base” for your money. You decide what to do with it once this plan is set up. You can return to what you were doing before or go through with the plans you had in mind.

But, now since you have the Self Banking in place, you can pay off debt…and build savings, simultaneously Instead of only saving…after you pay things off!




Here’s a few entities that started with this plan:

  • Mcdonald’s
  • Pampered Chef
  • Disney
  • Vanderbilt University
  • 10’s of 1000’s of other businesses, families and individuals

 Take a deeper look into this and see what all the commotion is on this, as you may have heard this on TV, Radio or the internet.
All it takes to see what this plan could do for you is a “what if” scenario or see-what-it-looks-like plan where we just put your basic numbers on a profile sheet. We let you decide for yourself…
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