It’s called COST RECOVERY STRATEGY. If there was a way to capture your biggest expenses, would you want to know how?

  • Would you AND your business be better off if you could recover any expense you wanted?
  • Would you AND your business be better off if you could become your own financing source?

In a nutshell it’s this…
You’re already spending money as a business with business expenses. By applying this method there is a way to CAPTURE part or all of monies spent on targeted expenses. It’s basically applying an old banking model to your business that puts YOU in charge and it builds a very substantial retirement supplement…ON MONEY YOU ARE ALREADY SPENDING!

I have been able to show business owners how to recapture money they are paying someone else, build a new supplemental retirement that is based on CONTRACT LAW and not TAX LAW and access their money TAX-FREE!
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    Small Business Story: He thought he was already doing the best thing…


Recently, we did a plan for a business in which he wanted to pay off his property loan on his business. He was paying $3900/mo, which was his normal payment that would take him 8 years to pay off. His real debt was $373K of which 65k was in interest. But, he decided that he really wanted to pay this thing off and so he put an additional $10k/mo in to do it. Now, he was happy in knowing that it would only take him 2.75 years to pay it off.


Until he heard about our program.


I work with businesses and families that want to pay off things quicker and double their retirement savings at the same time by implementing the same strategy that ALL the banks use.


So, I showed this business owner how he could fare MUCH BETTER in that he could have it paid off sooner, but also HAVE A HUGE DOLLAR AMOUNT in his account to show for it rather than just having an expense paid off. It’s an account that works like a bank, and has his dollars doing more than one thing at a time. It pays down debt and saves…SIMULTANEOUSLY!


We showed him how to use his “bank” which would bring his debt payoff at 4.6 years. Yes, it is 1.9 years longer, but he would have a substantial savings of over $272,000 in his account. That certainly beats only having something paid off to show for it and ZERO savings!


He thought this would be wonderful, but there’s more. He also had other debt (personal and business)and we showed him the “get out of debt report” and what bigger things it could do for him. His vehicles, business equipment and properties would have him at over $625k in real debt and 131k to  be paid in interest. When we factored all that in, we showed him, through his own “bank” that we would help him create, he would be debt free in 6 years with over $1.3 million in savings(that he could access tax-free!)


We showed him how ALL THE BANKS across the country and thousands of businesses have been doing this very thing for over 100 years. It’s called Self Banking and you might have seen it on any one of the many business and news sources on the topic (It’s very legal, safe, transparent and puts only YOU in control of your money. It’s the most effective and efficient thing that you can do for your money by making your dollars do more than 1 thing at a time, which you can do nowhere else!


I would like to meet with you for about 20-30 minutes and see how this could work for you.

There are no big fees to start, no gimmicks or tricks. Just good ‘ol common sense and A LOT of evidence, info and testimonies to back up how this works.