With this old fashioned concept that is utilized by every bank on every corner, you will find no better method of hammering down debt and building savings in such a timely fashion. At the same time, lowering interest that you pay other entities and lowering taxes to uncle sam.

No gotchas, gimmicks or surprises.

The people that I work with know exactly when they can retire, how much they’ll have, and tax-free access to their money!

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profile sheets-self banking-fillable

profile sheets-self banking-fillable

Here is the basic profile sheets(above)to fill out. (This is how to find out what I can do for you, just generic/basic info on you – 4 page scan & email back).

Rick Wagner (651) 327-0077 or Fax to (651) 846-5660 

105 1/2 2nd St E #3, Hastings,MN 55033

or send profile sheets(On Contact Page) to:     rick@123legacy.com