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I am here to help people take back control of their finances and their lives.

Did you know that for most people, .34 cents of every dollar made goes toward interest (mortgage, credit cards, cars, etc…), .40 cents goes to various taxes, leaving only .26 cents to live on and save for retirement…we do not consider that the American Dream!

Self Banking shows you how to reduce the amount of interest and taxes that you pay out, so you can increase the amount you can save and enjoy.

 It’s a “home base” for your money. You decide what to do with it once this plan is set up. You can return to what you were doing before or go through with the plans you had in mind. But, now since you have the Self Banking in place, you can pay off debt…and build savings…simultaneously!

The way you are probably doing now is to wait and push off better savings because you want to pay off debt first…right? Well, actually, you’re doing it the slow way because in the method that we show you how to do. You will see how to save and pay off debt at the same time and get a much better result in a much quicker time, while paying the same as you are now and access your money tax free!
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