With our record of success and research into other savings and investment vehicles, we believe the Self Banking method is the best way to achieve your long-term financial goals. However, don’t just take our word for it – read what real people are saying about Self Banking in the reviews below.

“We used Self Banking to raise $100,000 for our church.”
“Our church came up with a great fund-raising idea that required some funding. We were blessed to be able to use our plan to help provide it. We’ve gotten our money back and earned $100,000 to fund four church missions. We initially started this as a supplement to our 401(k)’s, but it turns out it’s going to be the primary source of our retirement income.”

Jon and Lee Bowsher(Columbus, OH)

“I learned the hard way most agents don’t know how to do this properly.”
“I’ve used the Self Banking method since 2004 and now have six policies. We’ve used them to finance our RV, home renovations, vacations and unexpected expenses. In the process, we’re growing wealth safely and securely for retirement that we can access when and how we want – no taxes due on it.”

Dr. Thomas Hesch, (Albq, NM Dentist)


“I know the exact minimum guaranteed amount I’ll have in my plan in 15 years.”
“I did all the right things I was taught to do since age 10 – setting goals, having a budget system, maxing out my 401(k) and having my home paid off by age 45. I had met all my goals but one – being able to retire at a specific age with a specific amount of money, so I was determined to find a better way. Self Banking is everything that was promised and more.”

Derek Logan, Simpsonville, SC Corporate Controller


“Eliminated $81,000 in yearly payments and interest to banks.”
“ Self Banking helped us create a retirement plan and a way to pay for college for our two children. In addition, almost $7,000 per month we were paying to banks is now going into our Self Banking plan.”

Mr. & Mrs. Bowling, Amarillo, TX Air Traffic Controller/Dry Cleaner


“I like being able to leverage the equity in my policies for major purchases.”
“My family is secure in the knowledge that our funds are backed by a proven 100-year-old strategy. Self Banking helped us purchase two new family vehicles. We’re paying ourselves back and continue to see our policies grow every year. We’re also using it to help pay for college expenses for our two children.”

Glyn Milburn, Los Angeles, CA  Former NFL Player and Entrepreneur


“I almost didn’t call the Self Banking Authorized Advisor I was referred to.”
“When I first heard about Self Banking, I thought it was another investment scheme and almost didn’t look into it. I’m glad I overcame my concerns – it’s now the pillar in our financial plan. I hope you also overcome your concerns and find financial independence so you can enjoy life on your terms.”

Robert Chambers, Jr., Carmel, CA.  Retired Naval Commander


“By far the best financial decision I’ve ever made.”
“I started this in 2004 and it works exactly like the concept says. I know my money is safe and growing at a predictable rate, even in this economy. I’ve used my policies to finance so many things – a car, dream vacation and to pay off some business debt. I recommend it to anyone looking for a safe place to grow their wealth, while still having access to it without penalty.”

Rose Hillbrand, Columbus, OH (Director of Sales and Marketing)


“At age 50, I realized I need more guarantees than gambling with my retirement savings.”
” We make a good living, but didn’t have access to the money in our profit sharing plans and 401(k)’s. And we knew we’d have a big tax bill coming. Self Banking is the solution. It isn’t a get-rick-quick scheme, but it does let you get rich slowly and guaranteed.”

Dr. Bryan Kuns, Castalia, OH  Family Medicine


“I have more money after six years than from funding my 401(k) for 20 years.”
“It’s a total win! Consistent growth, and never have had a loss. Your money will grow faster than you can imagine. I can use the money as I want for cars, college tuition and vacations. I am paying it back like I want, not dictated by someone else.”

Dan Olson, N. Mankato, MN  Store Manager


“We know the funds will be there when our daughter goes to college.”
“I’ve used the policy multiple times now – the money was delivered to me in three days with no questions asked. Our plans will be a key part of our retirement, while allowing us to leverage the money through our working life as we see fit. You really can set it and forget it.”

Bill Liebler, (Huntersville, NC Sales)


“The more I look into Self Banking, the better it looks.”
“After the crash of 2008, I felt angry and betrayed because I had done all the right things and here I was on the losing end of the stick. I kept thinking there has to be something better. My first thought about Self Banking was it’s got to be a scam, but I’ve now spent literally hundreds of hours investigating Self Banking, and haven’t found the flaw.”

Dan Proskauer, Newton, MA (Vice President of IT)


“I feel so fortunate to have found Self Banking.”
“I was able to take a loan with no questions asked and no credit check. I’m the one who determines when and how I’ll pay the loan bank. I want to pay the loan back, because I’m recouping the interest I would have paid to a credit card or bank. And by paying it back the way my Authorized Advisor showed me, my plan value increases.”

Suzi Hersey, Bristow, VA (Real Estate Investor)


“A phone call was all it took to get the money we needed.”
“It took almost a year of research into the system before I took the plunge to give it a try. Now I recommend and discuss it with people at least weekly. The best part is that no matter how good anyone says they can do in any other investment strategy, you can always beat it by using the Self Banking system to capitalize the same investment strategy.”

Paul Hester, Fairbanks, AK (Public Health Veterinarian)


“ Self Banking only goes up and never down like the stock market.”
“Four months after I started Self Banking, I was in a bad accident and totaled my car. I never thought I’d need to use it that soon, but I called my agent and he asked how much I needed for a new car and how much time I wanted to pay it back and that was it. With Self Banking, you control your own destiny and it’s a great way to save for retirement.”

Paul Mareel, Macomb, MI (Senior Network Engineer)


“A powerful and emancipating feeling.”
“At first it seemed ridiculous to pay interest to borrow my own money. But it really works out to borrowing money and getting back all the interest you paid, plus whatever dividend the company pays that year. It gives me great pleasure to tear up the promotions we get in the mail for credit cards and equity loans. I no longer need anyone else’s money since I’m using my own.”

Joe Goldsmith, Boston, MA (Teacher)


“It’s simple and it just makes sense.”
“I used a policy loan to pay off my truck. I saved thousands of dollars in interest to the finance company and pay myself back with interest. I have peace of mind knowing I have a source of funds available to me in times of need. I can pay loans back on my terms and all the interest goes back into my account.”

Karl Gayle, Brooklyn, NY (HVAC Technician)


“Banks and Wall Street do NOT want the public to know about this.”
“It’s basically my own bank and we can write a check to ourselves any time. We’re using it to pay our children’s way through college, so they don’t have to take out student loans. Also, our policy will be saving us thousands of dollars on our mortgage alone!”

Norman Robert Griffin, Galway, NY  Elementary School Principal


“I tell my clients about it every day. Simply put… peace of mind.”
“I’ve just gotten started, but already I feel more confident about my future than I have in my entire life riding the Wall Street roller coaster. I love knowing that if I am ever in a place where I need money unexpectedly, it will be there.”

Patricia Smith, Bath, ME (Salon Owner)


“It’s a savings tool, not a get-rich-quick scheme.”
“In six years I’ll have enough money to pay off two variable interest home remodeling loans, put my kids through college and then start collecting the interest I was paying to the bank. My main goal is to recapture all my interest on things I buy. When I take out a policy loan, it doesn’t decrease the amount of money I have working for me.”

Dr. Tim Pitchford, Eau Claire, WI (Surgeon)


“Self Banking is everything it was advertised to be and more.”
“At first, Self Banking sounded too good to be true. I had been looking for a safe place to put my money where it can still grow, I wouldn’t have to worry about losing it, but not locked up so I couldn’t use it along the way. The more I researched Self Banking, the more convinced I became it was the right move for me.”

Robert Fontaine, Hopkinton, MA  Sr. Business Systems Analyst


“I would recommend it to everyone.”
“The conservative life insurance companies used by Self Banking are the closest possible guarantees in today’s financial market. I’m almost 65 and my term insurance policies are about to expire. I will cancel them and buy a Self Banking policy.”

Jake Hightower, Lakewood, CO  (Telephone Engineer)


“My wife and I stopped our 401(k) contributions, routing those funds to Self Banking.”
Public Relations

“When I first heard about this, I thought ‘scam-scam-scam.’ Now I’ve changed my mindset about the ‘magic’ of 401(k) and traditional savings accounts. I like the (currently) tax-free distribution feature of Self Banking.”“I learned the hard way most agents don’t know how to do this properly.”

Kevin Grutzmacher, St. Paul, MN


“I like the concept so much I’m getting licensed so I can help others.”
“I was able to put a lump sum of cash into the policy at the very beginning and didn’t have to wait to build up cash value. I immediately took a loan and paid off my truck. Now I’m paying myself back and increasing my cash value even faster.”

Ken Swider, Detroit, MI (Sales Manager)


“I can pass on wealth to my family tax free.”
“I’ve used my policy to finance a fence around our new home, a washer, dryer, two boats and a Cadillac.”

Hugo Schumann, St. Charles, MO (Quality Assurance Manager)


“Wish I had done it 30 years ago.”
“My biggest hurdle was to realize that there really is an instrument that’s safe and faithful in producing what was promised. After much study, I finally pulled the trigger and have never regretted it. I am president of a non-profit corporation and purchased policies on all the board members and officers.”

Vance Greek, Rio Hondo, TX (Entertainer & Musician)


“ Self Banking is a more secure way of saving.”
“After losing tens of thousands of dollars in the market and being 45, I was tired of it and needed to try a different way. My money is now consistently growing through guaranteed increases and dividends. It gives me peace of mind.”

Lowell Warner, Indianapolis, IN (Medical Sales)


“I feel secure knowing I won’t lose money like I have in the market.”
“I have recommended Self Banking to others, but most don’t understand the true benefit. I plan to run most of my major expenses through my policy, as it builds more cash value and I like being able to pass on a large tax-free benefit to my estate.”

Jim Smith, Ferndale, WA (Refinery Operations Technician)


“I didn’t want to have to ask for permission to use my money.”
“I had very limited control of my money in my 401(k). I couldn’t put in as much as I wanted, and I needed permission to borrow my own money, if necessary. Self Banking gives me control over my money. We’re also using it to pay for our two sons’ private school education in one installment to take advantage of a discount.”

David Shelton, Fort Worth, TX (Healthcare V.P.)


“Kept us safe and sane during the stock market crash.”
“We started Self Banking seven years ago and now have 13 policies. When we were maxing out our 401(k)’s and IRA’s, we were only up 2% TOTAL over a 14-year period! Our Self Banking policies never go backwards and the increases are guaranteed and predictable. We’re excited to watch our policies grow.”

Debbie Wilder, W. Hartford, CT (Administrative Assistant)


“Once you understand this, you’ll jump in with both feet and never look back.”
“We’re using Self Banking to get out of debt, reach our retirement goals and for our sons’ college. When everyone says how much they lost in their 401(k)’s, I tell them how much my Self Banking plan is growing. This will be the best thing that ever happens to your family.

Gene Pittman, Amarillo, TX  Sr. Operations Analyst


“I recommend this program to anyone.”
“The first thing I did is use my Self Banking plan to pay off my debt, to be able to regain the interest I was paying to banks. I started this when I turned 67. I’m using it to finance home improvements and to provide a legacy for my children.”

Dr. Harry Peatt, Roxbury, CT (Minister)


“There’s nothing more comforting than knowing our money is safe.”
“We started our first policy in 2003 and have added additional policies. We’ve used them to fund our real estate investment business, fund our sons’ college educations and to redirect much of our discretionary income to charitable causes. The program will work for anyone who uses it correctly.”

Mr. & Mrs. Gammon, Columbus, OH (Self-Employed)


“Financial confidence and no fear of market fluctuations.”
“ Self Banking gives me financial confidence, financial health and well being. Less stress, less worry, less time reviewing my holdings. I’m not draining my liquid assets when I need funds… I borrow and pay back, borrow and pay back – and my assets keep working for me.”

Ken Pederson, Lancaster, PA  (Mortgage Banker)


“My advice is to go ahead and do this.”
“I’ve been doing this since 2002. We’ve used it for remodeling our home, adding solar heating and to pay for going back to school to finish my degree. I spent 28 years putting a significant amount of money in my 401(k) and lost a lot in the crashes. Self Banking gives me peace of mind.” Discover how Joni used Self Banking to take advantage of profitable opportunities.

Joni Schultz, Phoenix, AZ (Hospital Department Head)


“Now we’ll be able to take a vacation every year – without the guilt!”
“The first way we used Self Banking was to take a vacation to Mexico – the first true getaway for my wife and me since we were married eight years earlier. You don’t have the guilt associated with putting the cost on a credit card or using your savings to pay for it. I cashed out my 401(k) plan from my former company to get started.”

Alan Twelkemeier, Decatur, AL (Media Sales)


“Tax advantages, guaranteed growth, less government interference.”
“It sounded too good to be true, but I read everything I could find and even the bashings couldn’t turn away my interest. Just a few months after starting, I have a great feeling of dual results – a process to prepare for my retirement years, and knowing I’ll leave a legacy for my family.”

Jody Cooper, Tampa, FL (Real Estate)


“Builds our wealth safely and reliably day in and day out.”
“ Self Banking is a good, safe, productive way to build wealth month by month, year in and out, for making purchases and for planning for retirement. It has stabilized our financial situation and offers protection should my wife or I die or are unable to work anymore. It feels good to know our money is available when needed.”

Charles Russell, Las Cruces, NM (Real Estate)


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